“My staff and I work tirelessly to ensure all vehicles are immaculately presented by cleaning each bus daily inside and out. We are passionate and dedicated about the safety and comfort of our passengers ensuring that they are our number one priority. All our buses and coaches are regularly serviced and maintained to the highest safety and operational standards, having worked with the manufacturers of the coaches and buses to build safety, security and comfort into all our vehicles.” – Mr Gavaza, Operations Manager.

We employ highly trained, professional and friendly staff who will gladly assist you in any way they can. We love showing visitors our beautiful city and state and we enjoy the ride just as much as you will. Our team handles all administrative tasks, scheduling, client communication and satisfaction, as well as social media. Our garage employees provide all wash and detailing of the returned vehicles. We have qualified mechanics to provide any maintenance and repairs required on the vehicles.


Litigation history

Neither Unique Travel Company (Pvt) Ltd nor any of its directors have been declared insolvent at any time. We have never entered into any compromise with creditors. We have no case in the civil or criminal court that is pending or concluded and have never been sued for negligence or inability to fulfil our obligations to individual or organisations alike.


Financial Position

Unique Travel Company (Pvt) Ltd is performing well given the current socio-economic conditions and market trends in Zimbabwe. We have maintained a satisfactory financial position and positive relationship with banks and other creditors. These institutions are satisfied with our position and are willing to inject more capital into our business if need arises.


Client Interactions

Unique Travel Company (Pvt) Ltd has a dynamic, innovative and well trained workforce that provides a seamless personal selling experience to all customers. This has proven highly effective as we are able cater for our clients specific needs as and when they arise. Our customer relationship managers have full autonomy to handle client queries with no intervention from management.